19 Feb Building A Golf Swing For Life

The following lessons are the steps I always take when building a golf swing and a golf game for Junior’s entering the sport. They are also the steps we use here at Westchester Country Club, and all of the kids who participate in our successful Junior Program go through these steps.

When teaching kids it is important for them to be having fun as they learn. To that end we always make the learning experience as enjoyable as we can. We also introduce friendly competition and games as often as we can.

Each of these steps is equally important but we have had our best success stories when the kids learn each step in the order in which they are presented. So don’t try to skip a step.

  1. It starts with Fundamentals
  2. Golf Balance and Motion
  3. Backswing Structure
  4. Leverage and Power
  5. Putting it all Together


These steps and this process is designed for junior’s starting out in the game. It will help them get to a more advanced level with the necessary skills required to succeed. It will help them “Build a Golf Swing for Life”