Bunker Technique for Everyone

03 Aug Bunker Technique for Everyone

For any golfer struggling to get out the bunkers I like to use a Basic 6 point technique that I guarantee will help.

  1. Take a wide stance-As wide as your Driver, and bend your knees more than usual.
  2. Place the ball opposite your Left Heel but aim to hit four inches behind the ball.
  3. Open the club face slightly adding loft and allowing the sole of the club to hit the sand first
    Swing your arms back as normal and hinge your wrists in a steep arc.
  4. Swing your arms back down and release your wrists aggressively, hitting the sand behind the ball.
  5. Swing through aggressively and always FOLLOW THROUGH!

Taking a wide stance and bending your knees more than normal will restrict your pivot and also lower your center of gravity, this will help the arms get a little steeper and also make it easier to hit behind the ball. The ball position has to be forward to allow the open clubface to hit behind and slide underneath the ball, and the sole of the club hitting the sand first stops the club digging in too deep.

You should swing your arms back as you normally would because the lack of pivot will make your arms naturally swing a little steeper. And the wrists must hinge to create much of the leverage and power required for getting out of the sand. Finally it can be mentally difficult for some golfers to swing aggressively in a bunker because you are so close to the flag, but remember that the sand will always slow d