How to Optimize Your Driver Speed

03 Aug How to Optimize Your Driver Speed

As a teacher one of the biggest challenges I face is getting students to hit the ball Longer. To achieve this we either have to: Increase your Club Head speed which requires coaching, changing technique and in many cases strength training, or Optimize your Driver Speed.

To optimize your Driver Speed you must first find out some important data:

What is your current Club Head Speed

  1. What is your Launch Angle
  2. What Spin Rate do you have
  3. How efficient is your Smash Factor

Once we have gathered this data we can see which of these components needs to improve to increase your distance off the tee without actually increasing your Driver Speed.

Examples would be:

Are you using the proper shaft for your swing speed?

  • Do you have the correct loft on your driver?
  • Are you hitting the ball on the downswing or the upswing? (almost all golfers will hit it further on the upswing)
  • Are you hitting the ball in the center of the club face?

Improving any of these components can actually increase your distance without actually changing your golf swing or increasing your club head speed.

I recommend that you spend some time with either Bob Cain or Ian Orr on the Trackman Rader System to learn your data then most importantly, find out what you can change to Optimize your Driver Speed.