How to Pivot

03 Aug How to Pivot

One of the most important things in any golf swing is the quality of your pivot.

The two main parts of your body that turn are the Pelvis and the Thoracic Spine but it’s ok to use your Hips and your Shoulders to make this happen. During the backswing I like to see the hips turn approximately 45 degrees and the shoulders approximately 90 degrees, but the quality of your backswing pivot is more important than the length. When turning back it is very important to only swing as far back as your posture will allow, so it is ok if you cannot reach those angles with your hips and shoulders.

I have found that the most effective way for a right handed golfer to pivot during their backswing is to follow four simple points

  1. Get yourself into good golf posture
  2. Keep your Head as still as you naturally can throughout the backswing
  3. Turn your Right Hip behind you
  4. Turn your Left Shoulder downwards under your chin.

A good pivot will create balance, help you load power and most importantly allow you to unload that power and swing back down and through in proper sequence.

Drill: A great drill to practice your pivot is to do it without a golf club. Get into your posture then cross your arms placing a hand on each shoulder. Stay in posture as you turn away as described previously.