20 Feb It Starts with Fundamentals

For junior golfers in the first few years of their development it is important to build good fundamentals from the very start. The three fundamentals we focus on are:

1. Grip
2. Alignment
3. Posture

It is important to note that in the development stage none of these fundamentals have to be perfect, but they do have to be Effective. As the child develops, their body shape and the size of their hands will be changing constantly and when they start to reach a more advance level these fundamentals should always be addressed to suit each individual’s body characteristics and swing style. For now we are laying building blocks that can will them get to those more advanced levels.

We have found that these simple and easy to learn lessons on fundamentals create an effective grip, proper alignment and good posture. They give the kids the foundation to move effectively and help us build a great powerful golf swing.