My Favorite Putting Drill

03 Aug My Favorite Putting Drill

One of the secrets to good putting is to have a consistent, repeating stroke.

The club-face at impact is also a very important element in putting, but we cannot achieve a consistently square strike without a repeating stroke.

To groove a putting stroke and help achieve the consistency all great putters have I like my students to work on the following drill

  1. Find a straight putt about Eight feet in length
  2. Lay your wedge on the green pointing at the right edge of the hole, with the grip end farther away from the hole
  3. Place the ball opposite the shaft label
  4. Roll putts towards hole keeping the toe of the putter as close to the shaft as you can without ever touching it.
  5. Repeat three balls at a time for ten minutes

Note: It is important to do the drill with a club on the ground as described. The tapering of the golf grip makes the putter swing back in a perfect little arc