(Boys 16 to 18 years old, Girls 15 to 17 years old)


By this stage we are going to assume that juniors have acquired advanced skill levels in swing technique, short game skills and course management. I also assume that he or she has developed the necessary athletic prowess. By now they should also know how to practice effectively and they should have experience in playing tournament golf.


At this stage many of our juniors are playing Varsity Golf, regional tournaments and club tournaments. Our more advanced players are already competing in nationally ranked tournaments and may have an interest in playing college golf. More importantly, everyone still involved at this level will be playing golf regularly and still having fun.


Everything that has been taught is brought together during this stage. The emphasis is on fine tuning and ingraining their skills. Priority is placed on learning how to perform these skills in competition. For the highly advanced competitive player I stress the importance of physical training, mental training and nutrition.


Recommended Coaching:

  • Specialized personal instruction (someone with a proven record)


Golf and Technical Skills:

  • Full Swing (training to repeat and perform under pressure)
  • Shot Making (learning how to shape your shots and control ball flight)
  • Pitching and Chipping (need a full repertoire of shots)
  • Putting (ingraining technique and developing feel under pressure)
  • Bunker Play (full repertoire of shots)
  • Pre Shot Routine


Athletic Skills:

  • Core strength and stability
  • Speed and Power
  • Flexibility and Stability
  • Cardio Endurance


Golf Knowledge:

  • Advance level course management
  • How to devise on course strategies
  • The importance of keeping statistics
  • How to prepare for tournaments
  • Knowledge of tournaments and their organizers
  • Fitness and Nutrition