Weir312-crpd-960x637I believe that all golfers have the potential to improve. In fact it is my number one goal for every student. When golfers improve they get more enjoyment from the game, and more importantly they have more fun.


So how do we help someone become a better golfer?


It starts with an evaluation of where your golf game is now.


  1. How are you swinging the club and how are you hitting the ball?
  2. Is your ball flight consistent and repeatable?
  3. Do you have short game skills that allow you to maximize your scoring potential?
  4. Are you managing your game effectively when on the golf course?


That is the basis of my Teaching Philosophy. If you can improve the way you swing the club, you will improve your ball flight and its consistency. If you can combine that with improved short game skills and the way you manage your game on the course, not only will you play better golf, you will also shoot lower scores.


Golf Swing/Ball Flight

I was taught to play and subsequently how to teach by focusing on the flight of the ball and learning what was causing the ball to fly that way. The golf swing and the ball flight it produces are basically a combination of biomechanics (How your body moves) and physics (How the club moves and the effect it has on the ball when they collide).


The most important part of the “Physics” element is impact. The laws that determine what the club will do to the golf ball when they collide are absolute, and knowledge of these ball flight laws is the cornerstone of my Teaching Philosophy and always the starting point in any swing evaluation.


When it comes to the “Biomechanics” element I believe there is no one way to swing the club. (The best golfers in the world prove this). Each golfer is a unique individual and has to be treated as such. Different body types, levels of flexibility, speed, strength, fitness and coordination are all some of the components that make every swing an original. So I do look at every golf swing differently. There are parameters I like to work within, but I always try to recognize each student’s individuality and pride myself in identifying which particular swing style will suit them best.


My Philosophy is to combine these two elements. Improve the student’s biomechanical movement in a way that will improve the physics of their impact condition. The goal is always to create a better and more repeatable ball flight.


Short Game

One of the quickest ways to lower your scoring is to improve your Short Game. Better Chipping, Pitching, Putting and Bunker Play are essential in any Long Term Development Plan. Golfers need to learn the correct techniques for every part of their Short Game


My Short Game Philosophy is to create shots that student’s can execute consistently and confidently on the golf course. This might be two basic shots for an Intermediate player compared to a whole arsenal of shots required for a Tournament Pro.


Shots and Techniques I teach include:

    1. Bump and Run Chip Shot
    2. Bump and Spin Chip Shot
    3. High Pitch Shot
    4. Low Pitch Shot
    5. High Flop Shot
    6. Playing from Different Lies
    7. Short Bunker Shot
    8. Long and Medium Bunker Shots
    9. Short Putting
    10. Feel and Distance Control Putting


Course Management

I believe that the Teacher and the Student must spend time on the golf course. It is important in the initial evaluation, but as the student starts to develop these new skills it becomes essential. Transferring these new and developing skills onto the golf course is one of the biggest challenges that the student faces. There fore time spent together on the course is a must.


Final Thought

The best way to improve is not always the quickest. In my experience the students who have made the most lasting improvements have shown patience and determination. That being said I do believe that your game can start improving immediately. Set realistic goals, figure out which skills need to improve, find a teacher who has a proven record of student development. And most importantly Practice, Practice, Practice!!!